What’s New in PQ?

Summer is an ideal time for growth, exploration, and rejuvenation. Just like all the households that are shifting routines for the summer, RPTC also will be going through our annual board changes. I’d like to congratulate and introduce the 2016-2017 RPTC Board:

District 1 Adobe Bluffs: Kate Glenn
District 2 Canyon View: Dave De Vries
District 3 Deer Canyon: Kristine Custodio and Alan Gin
District 4 Los Peñasquitos: Elijah Nicolas
District 5 Park Village: Jessica Xu and Matthew Benedict
District 6 Rolling Hills: Melinda Vasquez and Brian Reschke
District 7 Sundance: Jim Hogan
District 8 Sunset Hills: Susan Sindelar and Theresa Gonzaga

Do you want to be part of this dynamic team of dedicated community volunteers? If you are interested in joining the RPTC Board, please attend a meeting. RPTC meetings are held on the first Thursday of every month at the Hotel Karlan (formerly Double Tree Inn) at 7 p.m., and are always open to the public. Check out our redesigned website for details:

Also, we have a special thank you to our 21st Annual Fiesta de los Peñasquitos Community Sponsors for making this year’s showcase event one of the best ever:

San Diego County Credit Union
ZCode Media/92129 Magazine
Arch Health Partners
Breziner Group Real Estate www.yonibreziner
Carmel Mountain Dental Care
Allies Party Rentals
San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture
County of San Diego, Community Enhancement Grant
San Diego City Council: Mark Kersey (D5), Chris Cate (

Find out more about the Town Council:

Meetings: First Thursday of every month at 7 p.m. at the Hotel Karlan
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 720783, San Diego, CA 92172-0783
Phone: 858-848-7782