by LYDIA COBB | photos by Zeena Gregg Photography

Harmonizing Life

Marie Olson-Weir has seen PQ grow since 1988. Or as she put it, “Back when hot air balloons landed weekly behind our house because State Route 56 wasn’t there yet.” This December, she’ll celebrate 30 years of marriage with her husband Steve, who proposed to her via the scoreboard of a University of Texas Austin vs. Baylor football game. They have three children together: Garrett, 17, is in his junior year at Mt. Carmel High School (MCHS); Matthew, 19, is a sophomore at University of Northern Colorado majoring in geology; and Cecily, 24, who graduated from Texas Christian University, is now a middle school science teacher in Texas.

faces_olson_mainThat’s plenty enough to sing about, but there’s more to Marie, a professional vocal musician with experience in sales and marketing. She grew up in La Mesa and graduated from UC Santa Barbara in vocal performance. “I was blessed to study privately with Anna Bjornson Carson, a prima coloratura soprano who won the 1987 Metropolitan Opera auditions,” shared Marie. “Everything I learned about performance and teaching I owe to her.” Marie has sung for all of life’s celebrations – from weddings to funerals to National Anthems. As a private vocal instructor and community and church vocal leader, she reflected that she is blessed to serve local families.

Marie believes that performance is 80 percent confidence and 20 percent talent. “A performing group or private vocal instruction helps a student gain confidence in the spotlight, to stand straight, and look at the director or audience,” shared Marie. “These are life skills!”

With no affordable youth theater in PQ, Marie started Christian Musical Enrichment Theater in 1993, based at Peñasquitos Lutheran, and soon to celebrate its 50th production under new and continued leadership. She’s the president of Choir Boosters at MCHS and secretary for the drama board. She also donates vocal lessons through PUSD school fundraisers. In addition, Marie is the proud mom of two Eagle Scouts and continues in scout leadership since her sons began.

One of her goals is to offer a scholarship to a MCHS graduate in the vocal music program. “The scholarship will be in honor of my mom, who passed away in December, and who has been the spiritual and musical guiding force in my life, along with Anna Carson,” she added. Marie finds working with both students and adults fulfilling, and anticipates many more musical years to come.

Name: Marie Olson-Weir
Community: Canyon View area of Rancho Peñasquitos
Profession: Vocal instructor, vocalist, sales
Hobbies: Travel, volunteering, theater and cinema, thrift store shopping, reading and learning, and being involved with spirited people of all ages
Favorite Spots in 92129: Theatre at the Mount, Peñasquitos Lutheran Church, Hilltop Community Park, Yenchim Garden Restaurant, Cotijas Mexican Grill, and Q Nails