Rising to the Top

Mt. Carmel High School’s (MCHS) color guard team has come a long way in the past few years, earning first place in almost every competition of the recent winter guard season. Through teamwork, dedication, and a new coach, the 20-student team has transformed into one of the best in the nation. “When I began as a freshman in color guard, I had a great time, and the team was super close. However, we were not known for being the best team out there,” shared Brooke Clement, the team’s co-captain. “In the winter guard regional championships three years ago, we got dead last.”

Brooke went on to explain that this quickly turned around when they gained Brent Dunlap as their coach two years ago. “When our new coach came in, we built our way to the top, having an undefeated season during fall guard and placing second in our division at our winter guard championships this year,” said Brooke. “The team has really grown under his coaching, and we owe everything we are right now to him.” For the most recent winter guard season, MCHS received a silver medal that signified just how close they came to being first in the nation – an honor, considering their journey.


With a few graduating seniors, the team is looking to increase its numbers significantly next year. “We would like as many students as possible, because our main goal is to build up our skills and go to the national championships in Dayton, OH next winter season,” Brooke said. “This is one of the most prestigious competitions in winter guard, and it is such an honor for us to be able to go.”

The team emphasizes that all MCHS students are welcome to join the team. For more information visit www.mchsband.com/color-guard.