Rancho Peñasquitos resident Nina Shantel just released her new book, The High-Five Diet. Nina is a health blogger who shares diet tips, fitness advice, and healthy recipes on her website and social media. She has taught boot camps and cardio classes as well as a free beginner’s running group as a way to help her neighbors in Peñasquitos get in shape. Nina graduated from San Diego State University and holds a Fitness Nutrition certification from the American Council on Exercise.

Her book is a nutritional guide which focuses on limiting dairy and high-fat and low-nutrient foods, along with specific food combinations and timing. Nina’s own unique health issues propelled her to learn about nutrition more in-depth, discovering that the media often provides false information. “It became my passion to expose the truth,” she said, “while giving accurate information so that people can lose unwanted pounds and live healthier lives.” Learn more at www.thehighfivediet.com.