by LYDIA COBB | photos by Tyler McElhaney

Smart Choices

Enrolling Students in Tutoring Club Improves Performance, Morale, and College Planning

mp_tutoringclub2Everyone has the potential to succeed. Sometimes, more guidance is needed along the way. Tutoring Club teaches and tutors students from pre-K to high school seniors with any school subject, ACT/SAT preparation, and college planning. VP of Franchise Sales and Training Liam Powers explained, “Tutoring Club was started to offer students in the surrounding school districts an opportunity to get in all coursework and subjects, tutoring as needed to achieve higher grades, preparation for future grade levels, and college planning.”

Tutoring sessions are individualized based on the students’ needs. “One day might be math and another might be writing,” added Liam, “so we offer services to our students based on the assistance needed at that particular time.” Parents are encouraged to be involved through regular conferences that keep them informed of their child’s progress.

“Tutoring Club was started to offer students in the surrounding school districts an opportunity to get support in all subjects and to prepare for college.”

mp_tutoringclub3It’s a warm and relaxed feeling inside the center – especially when students’ imaginations are sparked and they realize they can be creators of positive outcomes. Most of the tutors are college graduates with degrees in the fields they’re tutoring, though exceptional upper-level college students also tutor certain subjects. “We had a recent student who had received an NCAA scholarship offer, but did not receive a high enough score on her SAT to qualify for the scholarship,” mentioned Liam. They worked together on how she could focus and raise her score. He added, “She ended up getting the score needed and received a full scholarship to the University of Hawaii.”

Tutoring Club is about creating personal and scholastic success, and changing lives. Michelle is the parent of two sons who struggled in school when they moved to the area. She wrote, “Tutoring Club helped raise their grades from Cs to As and Bs. We still continue to attend tutoring sessions to keep their grades up and to get them the help they need.”

Prospective guardians can visit Tutoring Club representatives in the annual College Night hosted by the school district or in Chamber of Commerce events. Liam encourages anyone with questions to contact them. Success comes with self-sufficiency, which is part of the Tutoring Club guarantee that helps center children on their plans and goals.



Name of Business: Tutoring Club
Owner/Director: David Hill
Years in Position: 12 years
Year of Establishment: 1991
Poway Location: 13202 Poway Rd., 858-748-8867
San Diego Location: 13350 Camino Del Sur, 858-780-0288
Escondido Location: 3410 Del Lago, 760-747-8886
Description of Business: Tutoring Club was founded to provide an individualized approach to improving the learning skills of children from elementary to high school grade levels.