For the Love of Animals

Rancho Peñasquitos resident Reshini Umesh recently completed her Girl Scouts Silver Award. For her project she wanted to help animals in shelters who are in need of supplies, so she set out to collect blankets, towels, toys, and food to donate to Helen Woodward Animal Center. She first set up a GoFundMe account asking for monetary donations to buy supplies, but it was not as successful as she had hoped. She bought some supplies with her own money and also made flyers asking for supply donations, which she handed out to family and friends. “The result was amazing,” she said. “I got an insane amount of donations.”

Reshini also wanted to spread a message to the community about how to help animals in need. The first thing you can do is adopt an animal from a shelter, many of whom have been abused or abandoned. “They are just like us,” she said. “They want to be loved and taken care of.” If you already own a pet, make sure they are spayed/neutered and are always wearing identification. You can also volunteer at a local shelter, where you might help with walking dogs, socializing cats, cleaning, feeding, grooming, training, or adoption counseling. “You will be making a difference not only to the animals that reside there, but to the shelter and to your community.” Finally, according to Reshini, the best thing you can do to help is to foster an animal. Fostering keeps animals out of shelters, helps improve their social and behavioral skills, and increases their chances of adoption. Reshini urges people to get involved and make a difference in the lives of shelter animals. “Don’t just read this,” she said. “Please get up and help!”