Koko FitClub Has Fit Figured Out

Coaching + Technology = Results

Have you ever walked into a gym and felt overwhelmed, confused, or had no idea where to start? Then it could be time to Smartrain at Koko FitClub, a digital gym. They have fit figured out. “We remove the guesswork that frustrates people and prevents them from sticking with their fitness goals,” stated Sharky Bowman, manager of Koko FitClub, a cardio and strength training facility with locations in Rancho Bernardo and Scripps Ranch.

mp_kokofit3Koko features the patented Smartrainer, which stores over 100 different exercises and customizes a full-body workout in 30 minutes. The system adapts as a member progresses, adding incremental weight or new exercises to keep them engaged. Each time a member inserts their Koko Key, they are coached. The key stores their range of motion and current strength with specific exercises, and displays the targeted pace per rep onto a monitor. “It is like a video game,” added a member, Bill. “I almost forget I’m working out!”

The owners, Karen Lossing and her husband, were members of Koko FitClub in Texas prior to moving to San Diego. “After three years, we missed it so much we opened our own!” said Lossing. “Each member has their own webpage to track progress, body composition, and lean muscle. Koko Fuel aligns a nutritional structure to their fitness goal that includes shopping lists, recipes, and an educational component called Fuel School, so members establish healthful lifelong habits. Working out is only part of the equation.”

“We remove the guesswork that frustrates people and prevents them from sticking with their fitness goals.”


Lossing continued, “Whether it’s to burn, build, protect, or restore lean muscle, our clients are never in the dark about what to do each visit. The FitCoaches design a program around each individual so their body is balanced, their form is monitored, and they are motivated. All our members have to do is show up. We’ll take it from there.” Bowman added, “When you have a support system in place, it makes meeting your goals easier.”

Besides the innovative Smartrainer, Koko FitClub focuses on functional fitness and efficient cardio. Members enjoy personal training in their X Room through the use of dual cable cross machines, battle ropes, and medicine balls. “The X Room is the most fun I have ever had in the gym!” said Lossing. The enhanced treadmill and elliptical programs allow for high intensity interval training packed into a 15 to 17-minute session.


Name of Business: Koko FitClub of San Diego
Owner: Karen Lossing
Years in Position: 1
Year of Establishment: Opened June 2016
Address: 16763 Bernardo Center Dr. in RB; 9860 Hiberts St. in Scripps Ranch
Website: www.kokofitclub.com
Email: ca.ranchobernardo@kokofitclub.com; scrippsranch@kokofitclub.com
Phone: 858-705-5559
Description of business: Personal training powered by certified fitness professionals and technology that knows your body inside and out, delivering better results in less time and without all the guesswork!