Balancing Motherhood, Firefighting, and Ninja Warrior 

92129 resident Selena Laniel will make yet another appearance on two of Esquire Network’s action-packed obstacle course competition series this year. Selena was born and raised in Montreal, Canada and performed as a full-time acrobat around the world for many years before moving to San Diego. She has been a firefighter for the City of San Diego Fire-Rescue Department for four years, graduating from the academy as the only female in her class. She is also a new member of the Urban Search & Rescue California Task Force 8 Team. “My mom is a single mom,” her daughter Alicia said. “She’s an inspiration.”

Selena first competed on American Ninja Warrior 4 in 2012. Her performance earned her a wildcard spot in Las Vegas for the finals, where she became one of the top female athletes on the show. She returned to compete on American Ninja Warrior 6 and 7. Selena then competed on Team Ninja Warrior, a spin-off of American Ninja Warrior that aired in January 2016. “I love the Ninja community the most,” she said. “I love going every year and catching up with all these amazing people. And everybody gets along and cheers each other on. It’s an amazing experience.” She is set to appear on season two of Team Ninja Warrior as part of an All Fire team in March. She will also appear on American Ninja Warrior 9 later this year. “The possibility of failure is scary but living a life with regret for not trying is much scarier,” Selena exclaimed. “Go after your dreams! It’s never too late!”