by LAINEY KRAL | photos by Zeena Gregg Photography

1 + 1 = Success

Mathnasium’s One-On-One Approach Gets Results and Builds Confidence for Grades K-12

Mathnasium, everyday victories are just as important as the big tests. From homework assistance to test preparation, it’s about building on the fundamentals to meet new challenges. “We aim to look at the possible gaps in the math knowledge of the child and fill them in with what is necessary to keep up, catch up, or get ahead at a certain pace that is right for them,” explained Center Director Lucille Capule. “We open our ears to our students and to their parents. Their success is our success too.”

mp_mathnasium2Students from kindergarten through 12th grade start with a unique assessment of their learning styles, strengths, and challenges. From there, one-on-one instruction means every student benefits from a comprehensive, effective program designed just for them. “We use a combination of techniques that work with different learning styles – written, mental, verbal, visual, and tactile,” explained Center Director Lucille Capule. “We make sure we maintain a positive environment which is comfortable for the children to freely express themselves.”

The learning never stops at Mathnasium – even for the instructors. “Our training is continuous and ongoing as we try our best to improve our system and manner of teaching,” said Lucille. All instructors are either graduates or college-level, specializing in mathematics and trained in the Mathnasium Method.

The results are undeniable, and students thrive as their confidence grows. “Our son was a reluctant participant in Mathnasium,” admitted Deborah, a local parent. “Although he is very intelligent, some basics of math fundamentals were creating difficulty for him as he entered middle school. Mathnasium is helping to eliminate the ‘math phobia’ that our son has experienced in the past. This ability to understand math concepts and be successful in math as he proceeds through his education will certainly open many doors that a fear of math could close.”

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”
– Albert Einstein

Laura, another local parent, added, “Nicholas’s confidence in math has grown so much over the past six months. He is getting good grades in math at school, and I believe he really understands the math concepts he is learning. The tutors are very patient and fun, and he enjoys going to Mathnasium in the afternoons.”

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Years in Position: 3
Year of Establishment: Rancho Peñasquitos (PQ) – 2011; South Escondido (SE) – 2015
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Description of Business: Mathnasium offers the finest mathematics instruction worldwide. They utilize a time-tested approach that provides initial and ongoing assessments, customized learning plans, personalized instruction, and guided practice to build each student’s math understanding and skills.