by KELLEY GUSICH | photos by Zeena Gregg Photography

Couldn’t Ask For More

The Castelloe family adores their home in PQ, where they have lived high on a hill overlooking the canyon since 2002. They have frequent sightings of native birds – red-tailed hawks, quail, road runners, hummingbirds and finches – and a lovely view of each evening’s setting sun. “We are within walking distance of the library, parks, restaurants (several of which have dog-friendly patios), and good friends,” said mom Erin. “We are conveniently located close to our work, excellent schools, live music and theatrical productions, and community-based sports leagues. We couldn’t ask for more.” The family might sometimes take advantage of the dog-friendly restaurants with their dog Charlie, but they stay home to get in quality time with their 11 other pets! With everything from horses to fish, the animal-loving fun never stops.


Parents Michael and Erin Castelloe met while studying at Washington University in St. Louis, MO. Here in PQ, they have three children: Olivia and Jesse, both in sixth grade at Mesa Verde Middle School, and Damian who is in first grade at Canyon View Elementary. Olivia and Jesse play roller hockey for MVMS, ice hockey for the SDIA Oilers, and enjoy drawing, origami, programming on Scratch, and spending time with animals. Damian also plays ice and roller hockey and looks forward to a summer basketball league at the Canyonside Recreation Center. “All three kids are voracious readers,” Erin smiled. They read to the kids every night before bed. “Even though they can read to themselves, there is something special about enjoying a story and winding down together.”


Michael is an engineer at Qualcomm, while Erin is a physician who works as an independent safety consultant for small-to-mid-sized drug development companies, and she is a sexual health educator. When they are all home together, they enjoy playing outside in the garden, or with neighbors in the cul-de-sac. Their nuclear family and families of origin were all formed through adoption and are rooted firmly in a steadfast love for one another. “Because we are a multi-ethnic family,” Erin shared, “we appreciate, support, and nurture diversity of ideas, cultures, and ethnicities in our community.”
A unique story about the Castelloes goes back to animals: their guinea pigs seem to be able to sing. One day as Damian practiced his new harmonica in the foyer, they started making noises the family had never heard before. “As Damian continued to play,” Erin laughed, “we realized the guinea pigs were ‘singing along’!”

Parents: Michael and Erin Castelloe
Children: Olivia (12), Jessie (12), Damian (7)
Community: Rancho Peñasquitos
Hometowns: Michael – Springfield, IL; Erin – Minneapolis, MN
Occupations: Michael – engineer; Erin – physician
Pets: Horse – Desert Rain , Dog – Charlie; Cats – Cookie, Bingo, and Mustard; Guinea pigs – Fudge and Truffle; Rat – Coconut; Fish – Speedy, Bloobie, Lion, and Chili
Favorite Local Spots: The library and the dog park! We also like to walk, bike, and/or scooter with the dog to have dinner on the patio at Wonderful Sushi