Who You Work With Matters?

It is no surprise there is a shortage of homes for sale in 92129. As soon as a home comes on the market, it’s usually gone after the first weekend or sooner…and with multiple offers! We get asked all the time about strategies to get your offer accepted when there are multiple offers on the table. The one thing that holds true time and time again is that who you work with matters, both on the Realtor® and loan officer side. Realtors® who have a good reputation in the marketplace generally have good relationships with other Realtors®, which can be key when everyone’s offer is similar. Also, a good Realtor® will hear about what’s coming to market before it hits, giving you a competitive edge. When both offers are equal, a listing Realtor® will generally opt to work with someone they know does ethical and good business versus someone they don’t know at all.

The same goes for the mortgage side of things. Who the loan officer is and who they work for matters a lot. If a loan officer has a good reputation in the area, people know there is a high likelihood that the loan officer did their due diligence and there is a slim chance the loan could fall through. The same goes for their employer. Listing Realtors® know that some banks and/or credit unions are slow and can’t close on time. It’s important to work with someone who has a reputation for closing on time. Yes, that low rate may look great, but if you don’t have a house to show for it, then it doesn’t do much for you. So make sure to ask your Realtor® for a referral to someone they know who can close on time and has a good reputation.

The takeaway is that who you work with truly matters. Do your research and read reviews online to give yourself a competitive advantage!

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