Revolutionizing Class Planning

Westview High School sophomore Assaf Cohen-Arazi created and recently launched PlanPal, a high school class planning app. After having trouble planning his class schedule during his freshman year, Assaf was inspired to develop an application that would help make the process easier, more efficient, and more informational for his peers. “The application tracks weighted or unweighted GPA, high school credits, UC/CSU credits, and tells you all the classes you are missing from your schedule,” Assaf explained. “It also lets you interact with your counselor virtually by sending your plan through the app, instead of meeting face-to-face.” The program works by fetching course catalogs from a school’s website, intelligently reading them, and storing classes in a local database. Assaf developed the entire application himself over the summer; it was patented and released in September.

PlanPal is available to students at Del Norte and Poway High Schools, and Assaf is currently working on releasing the app to Westview. He plans to first introduce the app to all high schools in the Poway Unified School District, and eventually to other districts as well. “Students take a long time to build their four-year plans,” he said. “It’s a necessity to be able to easily change around classes in your schedule, while always knowing you are completing your high school credits.” For more information visit