American Association of University Women’s (AAUW) Poway-Peñasquitos Branch recently granted three re-entry scholarships to Bayan Almarisa, Nasim Khamooshian, and Kelsey Baird.

Bayan graduated from Miramar College in Spring 2017 and is currently attending San Diego State University. She’s majoring in microbiology clinical laboratory and public health microbiology, and she hopes to obtain her doctorate in pathology. Nasim is balancing full-time work with a full load of courses at Miramar College, where she’s majoring in biology. Her goal is to transfer to University of California Irvine and become a physician. Kelsey is currently attending California State University San Marcos and will graduate in 2018, after which she intends to pursue a dual master’s degree in public policy and social work. She advocates for disability rights and women’s health programs.

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