Three local parents recently founded a nonprofit organization called Girls Math, dedicated to supercharging a path for young women into careers in mathematics. Girls Math seeks to grow the number of girls involved in math outside of the required school setting by hosting local events where teams of three middle school girls work together to apply math concepts in collaborative, fun, low-stress challenges. “Girls Math is designed to be a springboard to greater participation in the already existing co-ed competitive and challenging math and STEM community,” said Co-founder Shiv Keyal. “Without the stress of advancing to the next level or scoring high enough to place, our girls will be free to enjoy each other’s company, expand their world views, and broaden their community for their long-term benefit.” Competitions are open to all interested middle school-aged girls.

Girls Math is a country-wide effort. The first San Diego tournament is scheduled for March 10, 2018; the organization will host tournaments in Northern California, Detroit, Boston, and Dallas as well. For more information and event details visit