by LINDA FRABL | photo by Curtis Ippolito

Defying Expectations 

While most women in their 80s would be happy to fill their days with leisurely pursuits associated with retirement, Josephine de Ramery would rather remain employed as an event assistant for Sharp Rees-Stealy Clinic’s Marketing Department. Handling these work duties for the past 16 years, Josephine maintained, “Everything I have read indicates that keeping one’s mind active and finding rewarding work keeps you in better health.”

When describing her marketing position, Josephine emphasizes its rewarding aspects. She proclaimed, “It is a great source of satisfaction for me. I impart information to the different communities that Sharp Rees-Stealy serves, and interface with the public regarding the programs, services, and medical staff.”

Josephine does all things with energy and gusto, partially due to her Brooklyn upbringing as an Italian-American. Her family encouraged her to indulge in her passions, and to this day Josephine continues to do that. She elaborated, “My tastes were formed early in life to enjoy the arts in all forms, whether it be music or reading. Both bring me joy!”

Name: Josephine de Ramery
Community: Rancho Peñasquitos
Profession: Event Assistant for Sharp Rees-Stealy
Family: Daughter and two grandchildren
Hobbies & Interests: Music, the arts, reading

Never one to sit still when action is required, Josephine was even prompted to work with the Rancho Peñasquitos Town Council in 2002 in order to thwart the Water Authority from placing a facility in the Ridgewood Park neighborhood. Josephine recalled, “I mounted a grassroots movement to block this from happening, and was victorious in getting the facility moved to a much more appropriate location.”
A PQ resident since 1978, Josephine has witnessed the community’s wonderful expansion firsthand. “I’ve seen Rancho Peñasquitos grow from a builder’s track home development with very few amenities, to an area that is now coveted by home-seekers due to its shops, restaurants, and health care facilities,” she said. “Thankfully my full list of chores can be accomplished without my even having to use the freeway!”

In her free time, Josephine makes frequent trips to Mexico City to visit her daughter and her two grandchildren (Josephine had lived in Mexico City for eight years and is bilingual in English and Spanish). Josephine also keeps active through her church and added, “I have a constant need for a spiritual connection, and I have formed great friendships through my faith. I am truly blessed!” Josephine will surely continue to spread her goodwill for years to come.