by LINDA FRABL | photos by Alan Smith Photography

Dynamic Duo

family_warvik2The Wavrik family consists of Diane and her 11-year-old daughter Bailey. You may recognize Diane, as she has been the gymnastics director at the Rancho Family YMCA for the past 15 years, serving over 500 children per week! She has also spent the last nine seasons as the head gymnastics coach at Westview High School, and is the volunteer PE teacher for all of the kindergarten classes at Sundance Elementary. But Diane’s greatest accomplishment involving children has been her role as a mother to Bailey, whom she adopted through the foster care system.

Describing the impetus for adopting Bailey, Diane recalled, “I was not married but I still really wanted to be a mom, so I turned to adopting through the county to make that happen. Bailey came to my home as a foster child at three months old and was formally adopted at age two and a half. I love getting to spend as much time as possible with her because she is such a fun and entertaining human to be around!”


Parent: Diane Wavrik
Child: Bailey (11)
Community: PQ
Parent’s Hometown: Solana Beach
Parent’s Occupation: YMCA Gymnastics Program Director
Name and type of pet(s): We are fostering two cats (Bella and Lily), but they are not ours to keep
Favorite Places to Visit in PQ: Rancho YMCA, Canyonside Rec Center, Subway, Sab-E-Lee, Golden Bagel

family_warvik4A fifth grader at Sundance Elementary, Bailey especially loves math, and can’t wait to attend the “Biz Town” field trip. Bailey is also an avid KAO basketball player, and she enjoys listening to current music. “Bailey is very social, athletic, and funny, but she is growing up too fast!,” Diane shared. “She is at the age where she loves spending as much time as possible with her friends.” That doesn’t stop this mother-daughter duo from making all sorts of fun memories together though, whether it’s going to family camps in Julian, hanging out at the beach, or just relaxing at home while watching movies.

As a huge fan of PQ living, Diane maintained, “Everyone looks out for each other. As a single parent, I rely on a lot of friends and neighbors who help me out tremendously!” Doing what she can for her community, Diane is the acting secretary for the PQ Recreation Council. Both Diane and Bailey are also proud advocates for county adoptions, and Diane exclaimed, “I hope that people look at the success of our ‘non-traditional’ family and consider county foster care adoptions when building their own families.”