Adobe Bluffs Elementary School recently announced its new Dual Language Mandarin Chinese Immersion Program, set to debut this fall. The program will start with a class in kindergarten and expand each year until there is an immersion class for every grade level. The long-term goal of the program, in which the class spends half the day learning in Mandarin and the other half in English, is to teach grade-level content standards in both languages so that students are academically proficient as they reach the upper grades. “We are very excited to start the Mandarin Immersion Program,” said Adobe Bluffs Principal Eddie Park. “We are teaching students to be linguistically competitive, culturally responsive, and globally diverse.” 

The school’s current Foreign Language in Elementary School program will continue alongside the new program, providing students in kindergarten through fifth grade with language and cultural learning opportunities. The program is part of Superintendent Marian Phelps’ ongoing effort to increase foreign language pathways for PUSD students.