by LIZ ONUFER | photos by Alan Smith Photography

Stronger Than Ever

student_renard3When Violet Renard heard the huge clash, she knew it was bad. It was the second half of the soccer game against Rancho Bernardo, and Violet had been playing strong, scoring one goal and assisting on another. The collision with the other team’s defender has become a defining moment in Violet’s life, one that has come to shape her belief about personal strength during challenging times.

A senior at Westview High School, Violet began playing soccer at the age of four. The sport is her greatest motivator and stress reliever. “Soccer gives me a way out of all the stress and exhaustion I get from school, drama, or even myself; it gives me freedom to let go of all the negativity I might be enduring,” she explained. Being a soccer player influences her beyond practices and games. “Soccer gives me a chance to not only stay in shape, but it has helped me become the person I am today.”

Name: Violet Skyy Renard (17)
School: Westview High School
Grade: 12
Parents: Jason and Yvette Renard
Sibling: Remington Renard (15)
Favorite Place in 92129: My house

student_renard2The collision that broke Violet’s fibula and fractured her tibia posed challenges on and off the field. Not only did she have a full leg cast and was confined to a wheelchair, she also had to call the prospective college coaches to tell them about the injury, “which was extremely terrifying,” Violet admitted. The hardest call was to her top choice – University of Northern Colorado. “I was relieved to hear they had confidence that I would make a full recovery in no time and the offer was still on the table,” she said.

One month after the injury, she had surgery followed by three months of physical therapy. And today, she is back on the soccer field. “My first game I played in was probably the most emotional game of the 13 years that I’ve played soccer,” she acknowledged. “Being able to come back from such a horrible obstacle made me thankful to know I became a stronger person after all of it.”

Violet stays positive with inspiration from her family. “They give me belief and motivation to be the best version of myself and to obtain what I would think would be impossible,” she explained. Today, that means representing the Division 1 soccer program at the University of Northern Colorado this fall. Timely enough, Violet shared, “At the beginning of every year I set a motto that I go by; this year’s motto is, ‘My whole heart for my whole life.’”