by LIZ ONUFER | photos by Alan Smith Photography

Inspired by Possibility

student_carter1Through music, Jenya Carter has found a powerful way to connect with herself and her world. “I love the way it allows me to express myself and connect on a level beyond just talking with others,” Jenya explained. “Music has allowed me to find and express a truer part of myself that I haven’t found elsewhere.”

A senior at Westview High School, Jenya has been singing since before she can remember and performing for close to a decade. “I started out performing at my parents’ speaking seminars and from there performed at local open mics, house parties, and smaller festivals and school events,” she said. While she doesn’t have a favorite song to perform, Jenya acknowledged that Sam Smith’s “Too Good at Goodbyes” and George Ezra’s “Budapest” are always good choices. “It all depends on the instrument available and the mood I am in,” Jenya explained. She is inspired by artists such as Pink, Macklemore, and Vance Joy.

Name: Jenya Carter (17)
School: Westview High School
Grade: 12
Parents: Andre Carter and Jennifer Dettloff-Carter
Sibling: Joseph Carter (12)
Favorite Local Spots: Everbowl, movie theater, bookstore, Peet’s Coffee


“Music has allowed me to find and express a truer part of myself that I haven’t found elsewhere.”

student_carter2Jenya also believes in making connections through learning languages. She has taken AP classes in both Spanish and French. “It grants me the ability to travel and connect with other cultures,” she said. “Plus, I can communicate with so many more people, which I love.” A big influence in her love for language is her mom, who speaks a number of languages.

She complements her music and language interests with surfing, dancing, yoga, and other types of exercise and writing. In all of her endeavors, Jenya is inspired by possibility. “It’s the idea that the world and the impact I can have are limitless,” she explained. “It’s cheesy but life is what you make it, and I love that concept when you really embrace it.”

Looking ahead, Jenya’s goals include producing her own music, traveling internationally, and growing her public speaking career. She will attend community college in the fall so that she can remain focused on her goals while keeping momentum in her education.