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The Super Dentists to the Rescue!

The Super Dentists: Helping San Diego’s Children Smile

cs_superdentists2Going to the dentist can be a scary experience for children and, therefore, stressful for their parents. The Super Dentists, San Diego’s largest and most trusted pediatric dentistry and orthodontic office, hopes to make going to the dentist a positive experience for the whole family. For over 20 years, led by Dr. Nazli Keri (also known as the Tooth Keri) and Dr. Kami Hoss (also known as Dr. HaveOneSuperSmile), this team of exceptional pediatric dentists and orthodontists has fought cavities and crooked teeth. “By providing out-of-this-world, kid-centered dental care,” said Dr. Hoss, “the Super Dentists are saving the world one smile at a time.”

Their dedication to making dentistry enjoyable is evident in every aspect of their practice. “From the second you step into our theme park-designed offices, you’re someplace special with an accomplished, professional pediatric and orthodontic dental crew that cares about your kids,” shared Dr. Hoss. Their offices feature video games, TVs, movies, music, a toy store, dress-up area, selfie/photo-op area for the kids, and a newsstand and café serving Starbucks coffee for the parents.

cs_superdentists3The Super Dentists focus on convenience, which is perfect for parents with hectic schedules. They have extended hours on weekdays and are open on weekends. They offer not only pediatric dentistry, but orthodontics, parent dentistry, and oral surgery as well. They work with all insurances. “We never turn away any kid in need of dental care, regardless of their financial situation,” related Dr. Hoss. “We provide flexible and affordable financing.” And with several locations around San Diego County, including Carmel Valley, one is sure to be nearby.

All of The Super Dentists are up-to-date on the latest innovations and advances in the field. “We are always on the forefront of new dental technologies,” said Dr. Hoss. “If there is a new device available for a quicker, more comfortable, and enhanced dental result, we have it.” The Super Dentists even have their own dental assisting school. They offer spa-like amenities, including flavored gloves, aromatherapy, warm towels, massage chairs, and virtual reality masks to keep their patients relaxed and pampered.

Giving back to the community is another important principle to The Super Dentists, always with a focus on children. They host dental days, providing free dental treatment for kids up to 12 years old. Their annual Candy Buy-Back at Halloween lets kids save their teeth while sending their sweet treats to our troops. The Super Dentists also visit over 800 schools in San Diego to provide free school presentations about the importance of oral health. With a longtime and unending mission of serving San Diego’s children, The Super Dentists are truly a fixture in the local community.



Name of Business: The Super Dentists
Owners: Dr. Kami Hoss and Dr. Nazli Keri
Manager: Nicole Potts
Years in Position: 10
Year of Establishment: 1996
Address: 9737 Aero Dr.
San Diego, CA 92123
Phone: 858-336-8478
Description of Business: The Super Dentists are San Diego’s largest and most trusted pediatric dentistry and orthodontic office – one in every six kids is a Super Kid! They have locations throughout San Diego and growing. They work with all insurances.