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Hip Replacement Gives Pamplemousse Chef More Time in the Kitchen

Building one of San Diego’s most successful restaurants took a lot of hard work and skill but also took its toll on Pamplemousse Grille owner and executive chef Jeffrey Strauss.

“Being on my feet 12 to 15 hours a day…it finally caught up with me,” Strauss said as he walked the same kitchen floor he’s walked the past 21 years.

Last June, Strauss finally relented to the bone-on-bone pain in his leg and had hip replacement surgery at Palomar Medical Center Poway, the second busiest joint replacement hospital in California. As a celebrity chef, Strauss had his pick of hospitals and physicians but he chose the nationally recognized Orthopedic and Spine Center at Palomar Medical Center Poway and Dr. Brad Cohen.

The hip replacement surgery lasted one hour and consisted of placing a metal rod inside the femur and connecting it to a ceramic ball and cup placed inside the hip capsule. Within two hours after surgery, the medical team at Palomar Medical Center Poway had Strauss up and walking.

“After surgery, you are kind of loopy so I was shocked when they came into my room and said, ‘let’s go for a walk.’” Strauss said.

Getting patients up and walking is part of Palomar Health’s pain management program that aims to reduce medications (especially opiates), speed recovery, and reduce pain. In fact, the Orthopedic and Spine Center has one of the highest patient satisfaction scores in the nation for pain management. Strauss was out of the hospital the following day and back to work in less than three weeks.

Within five months of surgery Strauss was catering one of the largest horse races in the world, the Breeder’s Cup, at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, across the street from Pamplemousse, and walking 25 flights of stairs. He’s already preparing to have his other hip replaced sometime soon.

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