by KELLEY GUSICH | photos by Alan Smith Photography

Learn by Doing

If you get paid to do something you love, you’ll never have to work a day in your life.

faces_miller1This mantra, as taught to Gail Miller by his coach and mentor Jose Campos, helped shape his life. His loving parents, who “truly supported me every step of the way,” also helped nurture the 18-year Mt. Carmel High School (MCHS) teaching veteran/20-year wrestling coach. Gail and his wife met as high school freshmen, but didn’t start dating until after college. They now have a son and daughter, both hard-working students and athletes at Black Mountain Middle School. Gail enjoys staying fit – not only for his athletes (he does exercises along with them) – but to keep up with his kids. “Most of my free time is about being around my family,” he explained. The Millers enjoy multiple sports, board and card games, listening to music, and traveling.

Excepting college and three years in Rota, Spain (his father was in the Navy), Gail has lived here his entire life. From Sundance Elementary to a 1992 MCHS graduation, he finished with a wrestling state championship. He teaches freshman biology and a junior and senior elective called Human Biology, for those interested in going into the health or athletic field. “I’m really passionate about the subjects I teach,” Gail said, “because I can bring real-world experience to my classes.” Using a learn-by-doing model he was taught at Cal Poly, he gets students engaged using small collaborative groups, emphasizing that the learning happens in the revision and not at the first attempt.

“I’m really passionate about the subjects I teach, because I can bring real-world experience to my classes.”


Name: Gail Miller
Profession: Science Teacher, Head Wrestling Coach at Mt. Carmel High School
Community: Sabre Springs
Hobbies & Interests: Family, traveling, working out, wrestling, watching my kids compete
Favorite Place in 92129: Mt. Carmel High School

faces_miller2Gail maintains this outlook for coaching as well, fostering a culture of ‘we are all in this together.’ His ultimate goal is creating athletes who will do the right thing even when no one is watching. “I try to push the kids to their limits, I have high expectations of them, but most of all I want them to know that the wins and losses do not define who they are,” he smiled. “They are defined more by how they live.” His involvement with the youth wrestling program PQ Pinners also aids his future goal: creating a more competitive program, building from a middle school level.

More than anything, Gail wants those he influences to be great people, spouses, friends, siblings, workers, and business owners. “Everyone counts and everyone matters,” he emphasized, concluding: “I love my life at Mt. Carmel and being a part of the 92129 community.”