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Learning and Attention Challenges

Real and Permanent Solutions

cs_tlc1“There is a reason your bright child struggles in school, and it’s not your fault. It’s not you, your child’s school, or that your child is lazy,” said Maria Bagby, Founder and Executive Director of the Therapeutic Learning Center (TLC). “Weak or inefficient processing skills will cause bright students to struggle, have difficulty paying attention, or appear unmotivated.”

Yet these underlying skills are not taught in school or traditional tutoring. The schools’ job is to provide academic curriculum and accommodations for children to access that curriculum. Schools do not have the resources or training to provide the level of therapies needed to strengthen the underlying processing and learning skills required for efficient learning.

“When learning isn’t happening as efficiently as it should, it’s time to identify why and what can be done differently.”

Is your child:

• Bright and intelligent but has low academic work?
• Having trouble learning how to read fluently?
• Having difficulty comprehending what they read?
• Saying “huh” or “what” often?
• Having a hard time keeping up?
• Distracted easily?
• Sensitive to loud sounds?
• Having difficulty paying attention?

By strengthening the underdeveloped skills through specialized therapies, learning comes naturally and therefore students become confident, motivated, and independent learners.

Over the last five years, TLC has helped hundreds of children get back on track, become independent in their learning, and be motivated and confident in themselves in a positive, supportive, and fun environment. TLC uses a one-on-one approach because it works. It is highly effective, and in the long term, will save worry, frustration, self-esteem, and time.

The Learning Continuum


“We are celebrating five years in California with many changes and upgrades. Like our students, we continue to grow in order to better meet the needs of families,” said Maria.

TLC has changed its name from the Therapeutic Literacy Center to the Therapeutic Learning Center to better represent the broad range of learning challenges addressed. They have updated and expanded their clinical services. Additionally, they have added after-school transportation, homework support, and tutoring.“We are simplifying life for families that are pulled in so many different directions. By offering transportation, we make it possible for them to get their children to the therapies they need to be successful.”


Celebrating 5 Years in California

Clarifying & Improving

TLC was originally called Therapeutic Literacy Center, but has recently changed its name to Therapeutic Learning Center to better represent the breadth and scope of learning skills TLC focuses on.

TLC makes it easy for families offering transportation from schools, offering after-school care where homework will be completed and therapies provided so that when children get home, they have time
to be with their family.

Services offered:
• Transportation from schools
• After school care with homework support
• Tutoring
• Cognitive processing therapies for:
• Attention & Focus (ADHD)
• Memory & Processing Speed
• Reading (including Dyslexia)
• Auditory Processing Disorder
• Nonverbal Learning Disorder
• Processing Skills
• Learning Disabilities
• Language delays and expression
• Executive Function Skills
• Reading, Writing, Spelling, Math

TLC features a learning center, a full-time school program, and the highly acclaimed Arrowsmith program. After consulting with TLC’s Founder and Executive Director Maria Bagby, she and her highly trained, compassionate, and professional therapists will help identify the underlying problem, create a specialized plan, then implement the plan and make permanent changes.

“Your child is bright and intelligent – learning problems don’t have to be permanent,” said Maria. “Like parents, we want your child to be a comfortable, independent learner. Contact us today – let’s work together to help your child succeed!”



Name of Business: Therapeutic Learning Center
Owner: Maria Bagby
Website: www.therapeuticlearning.com
Address: 990 Highland Dr., Suite A, Solana Beach, CA 92075
Phone: 858-481-2200
Email: info@therapeuticlearning.com