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Dedication and Education

Dr. Kami Hoss Reinvents Dental Education Through Howard Healthcare Academy

mp_howardacademy2Frustrated by the lack of training available for new dental assistants, Dr. Kami Hoss and his wife and business partner, Dr. Nazli Keri, decided to start a dental assisting school that would give students thorough knowledge and experience using current dental technologies and equipment. They founded Howard Healthcare Academy in partnership with The Super Dentists so students could learn from working dentists and dental assistants to earn their dental assistant certificate in just 10 months. With hands-on, practical training, Howard offers certification as a Registered Dental Assistant (RDA), Registered Dental Assistant – Extended Function (RDAEF) and Orthodontic Assistant Permit, plus compliance and continuing education classes. “Students can be confident that the certifications they receive from Howard Healthcare Academy are recognized throughout the State of California,” said Dr. Kami Hoss, co-founder of Howard Academy.

The faculty at Howard includes co-founding Super Dentists Nazli Keri, D.D.S., and Kami Hoss, D.D.S, M.S. Lorena S. Meza, the Program Director of Howard Academy, is a Registered Dental Assistant, and a member of the American Dental Assistants Association (ADAA). She is also a Subject Matter Expert for the Dental Board of California reviewing curriculum for new dental schools that apply for board approval, as well as conducting audits for the schools once their curriculum is approved. “I want to make sure the dental profession has well-trained dental assistants doing their tasks correctly, honestly, and ethically,” Lorena said. “One of my favorite parts of teaching is hearing the stories about how my students got their first dental assisting jobs and were finally able to move out of their parents’ homes and buy their first cars.”

mp_howardacademy3Most Howard students come from across San Diego County. In December 2018, Brightwood College (formerly Kaplan College) in San Diego suddenly closed its doors, leaving its dental assisting program students stranded. The Howard team immediately reached out to help students – some of whom were at the end of their program – navigate their options, including offering discounts and scholarship opportunities. About 85% of those students ended up enrolling at Howard.

Each student has the opportunity to interview with The Super Dentists, developing interview skills as another tool for securing employment. The team attends career fairs and hosts job shadowing events to educate high school and college-age students about careers in dentistry.

Howard Healthcare Academy practices this mission: having graduates trained to walk into a dental office feeling confident and having the dental knowledge and skills necessary to be an immediate asset to their new employers’ dental practice.



Name of Business: Howard Healthcare Academy
Established: 2015 by the doctors of The Super Dentists
Owners: Dr. Kami Hoss and Dr. Nazli Keri
Years in Position: 4
Address: 9737 Aero Dr., Suite 200, San Diego, CA 92123
Phone: 619-ACADEMY (619-222-3369)
Description of Business: Howard Healthcare Academy’s mission is to offer educational opportunities for students to achieve professional development and success through real-world experience to obtain employment in the dental assistant field. Howard offers scholarships and financial assistance, and a 10% tuition deduction for military members.