by LINDA FRABL | headshot by Holly Rone Photography | show photos by Thanh-Nha Nguyen

Expressing Herself Creatively

talent_freund1Westview High School sophomore Lilith Freund recently won the National Youth Arts Award for Outstanding Lead Performance in a Musical, recognizing her acting, singing, and dancing as Wednesday Addams in her school’s March 2019 production of The Addams Family. Lilith shared, “I feel honored as I worked very hard to connect with Wednesday Addams, so being recognized for that was very meaningful.”

Even though she has been singing most of her life, taking dance lessons since the age of three, and had her first professional performance as Cindy Lou Who in the Old Globe Theater’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas at the age of eight, Lilith was still hesitant about mastering her Wednesday Addams character. She revealed, “This was a role that was challenging for me as I am a very upbeat person whereas Wednesday is not; she is dark and only started to find a light inside of her later in her life. Being in this production was rewarding, though, because of the new connections I made and the positive reinforcement I received.”

Name: Lilith Freund (15)
School: Westview High School
Grade: 10
Parents: Patricia and Andreas Freund
Sibling: Oliver Freund (15)
Favorite Local Spot: The waterfall

talent_freund2Lilith exercises the opposite qualities of Wednesday Addams by utilizing her social and outgoing nature through volunteer work at her temple. On Sundays she tutors the younger children in their studies, and as a member of her temple’s Teen Board, Lilith participates in various social action events every month, such as feeding the homeless and collecting clothes for the needy.

Living in the Las Lenas community of PQ perfectly suits Lilith because it complements her friendly demeanor. Lilith explained, “Rancho Peñasquitos is a large enough community that I’m able to meet new people constantly, but it’s also tight-knit enough that I can keep a close inner circle.” That feeling of camaraderie is also why Lilith appreciates Westview High School. She elaborated, “What I enjoy most about my high school is its spirited nature and sense of community.”

At school, Lilith’s favorite classes are English and Dramatic Arts. She exclaimed, “Both of these subjects let me express my ideas and feelings creatively, whether through writing or through theatrical pieces.” In the future Lilith intends to study musical theater or liberal arts in college, and in the meantime she’ll continue to shine on the stage and beyond.