Local Star’s Great Escape

x_jackiefoster2San Diego local and worldwide singing sensation Jackie Foster is launching the next step of her musical journey with the release of her first single and her first festival appearance. Last year, the Poway High School graduate appeared on season 14 of The Voice, reaching the semifinals under the guidance of her coach, Alicia Keys. The show was a whirlwind learning experience, and now Jackie is ready to make her individual mark on the music industry.

Her single, “Great Escape,” debuted on July 26. Jackie was inspired to open up about the artistic struggles she faced after her time on The Voice ended. “I felt empty, like I lost my purpose,” she shared. “I lost the show which was like a family to me and I lost my band all at once. But then I stopped and I realized, I’ve experienced success, I got national recognition, and I’m not going to let anything stop me from getting it again. Everything falling apart was my ‘great escape’ to finding my purpose.”

x_jackiefoster3She’s proud of what she’s accomplished with this song. “I sat in my room and started humming the guitar line. I couldn’t stop singing it for weeks!” she said. “My goal was to write a memorable song that was easy to sing along to but also empower listeners to face their fears and put all doubts aside.”

Jackie is also looking forward to her debut festival appearance at Lollapalooza in Chicago this August. Find her there or on her social media channels under the handle @itsjackiefoster.