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From Now Until Maternity

As a professional doula and mother of two, Brandy Gardner knew “what to expect” when she was expecting. Choosing a hospital that could flawlessly handle the unexpected would change the course of her pregnancy and delivery.

“My water broke at 31 weeks and I knew if I delivered immediately my baby could potentially have major medical issues,” said Brandy.

Brandy selected the Birth Center at Palomar Medical Center Poway because of its personalized service and home-like feel, but she is most grateful for the expertise of its medical professionals.

“I spent five weeks on bed rest,” said Brandy. “The labor and delivery team did everything they could to make my experience enjoyable. I was given exactly what I needed when I needed it. I couldn’t have asked for anything more.”

Five weeks later, baby Ethan arrived without complication. Mom and son enjoyed a special “womb to chest” delivery, providing for skin-to-skin contact immediately after birth.

“We try to make each mom’s stay the way she wants it to be, not the way we want it to be,” explained Vaneese Cook, Birth Center nurse manager. “Many of our patients have personal birth plans, and we do our best to honor those.”

The staff is trained in natural, unmedicated delivery options, and they also practice the “spinning baby technique” to optimize positioning for the birth canal – decreasing labor time and C-section rates. Wireless fetal monitors allow mom to move around while laboring, and a Level II Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is onsite to provide specialized care for newborns as needed.

“Most babies born here are delivered by the patient’s own obstetrician – which is an increasingly rare event,” said Cook. “After delivery, a lactation consultant helps mom and baby to succeed with breastfeeding. All of this personalized attention has earned us 98% on our patient satisfaction scores. We’re very proud of our outcomes.”

In addition to top-notch medical care, the Birth Center environment feels more like a resort than a hospital. Large private rooms with laboring tubs allow mom to remain in the same space throughout her stay, while pullout couches provide a comfortable space for family members to spend the night.

To make Palomar Medical Center Poway a part of your birth plan, schedule a tour. Call 442-268-0150 or visit PalomarHealth.org/PowayBirthCenter.